Mobility Devices Collection June 9th 2018
Thank you Rotary Team,
It looks like this is the final tally after at a post-event stop at Miles Collection Center at Belvedere Rd for a few more items:
  • Crutches: 124 sets or 248 individuals
  • Walkers: 25
  • Walking Canes: 45
  • New Orthopedic Medical Supplies: 10 boxes of  of unused/new cam walkers, wrist splints, shoulder immobilizers, casting material, knee braces, etc.
  • A few Miscellaneous items: foot boot, leg and knee braces
  • Plus one happy lady from Woolwich who picked a new wheel chair courtesy of Jane Gravel.
Any one wanting a free round trip to Biddeford, Maine in Jane's box truck this Monday give me a call. We head out at 9:00 am.
Thank you all for a fun gab fest and support to C4A.